Riga Detective Agency

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Riga Detective Agency (Latvia)
Riga Detective Agency offers world-wide investigation and detective work.
Different type of work, such as: investigation, security, protection, legal rights.
We also offer:
- Search for missing people and/or people on the run.
- Gathering information about pivate person or company.
- Gathering information on lifestyle.
- Security and protective work for companies, property or individuals.
- Bodyguarding and property guarding.
- Lawyer services
- Returning of debts.
- Revealing facts of adultery.
We only work inside of Law and Legally
License that allows detective work NR. 1064
License that allows high level security work NR. 1053
Our main address: Latvija, Riga, Rupniecibas 32b, office number 310; Postal code: LV-1045
SIA "Rigas Detektivu Agentura" is member of INTERNATIONAL INVESTIGATION BUREAU (IIB) since December 18th of 2009.


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