Репетитор математики и физики, возраст студента: 5-18

Репетиторы - Частные уроки London, GB 4 лет назад
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I am a 20 years old Russian-Italian and currently I am continuing my 2nd year at Imperial College London after having achieved a first class honors in my first year.
Я могу говорить по-русски, но я предпочитаю писать на английском.
I have a great passion for teaching Mathematics and Physics to students as well as teaching experience with GCSE students.
My approach to tutoring is interactive and involving. That is because I always make my students stretch their minds without overstraining them. I have a great passion for my degree (Aeronautical Engineering) as well as for maths and physics in particular. I completed my last exam in Mathematics with 95+% at Imperial. I reached national levels in maths, physics and chess olympiads in Italy. I also finished with the maximum grade (100/100) my italian diploma.


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