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Specialist engineer for the construction of private residential buildings

A construction company, is looking for the construction engineer for projects in the UK and Spain (high end residential)


1. Engineering or construction engineering education (only!).

2. Fluent English. Russian language would be beneficial but not essential.

3. Knowledge of modern construction technologies in the private/residential construction sector.

4. Project support. Professional reading of the technical requirements of the project, the ability to find errors and adapt the solutions to the remaining drawings.

5. Experience of at least 5 years in the private construction MEP sector.

6. Good knowledge of modern household building services system including.

7. Good knowledge of European and British standards of design and installation.

8. Experience with BMS, including KNX.

9. Good knowledge of integrations and smart home solutions.

About the candidate:

1. Consistency.

2. Accuracy.

3. Meticulousness.

4. Stress resistance.

5. MEP experience.

Job description:

1. Audit and control of a large object of private construction; all stages of M&E design, installation and commissioning, participation in the preparation and provision of construction and operation.

2. Control of production technology and quality of work and installation work.

3. Project verification for efficiency and technology solutions.

4. Check the estimates and the preliminaries by price, quality and quantity

5. Oversee and manage the life cycle of the project or section of a project as set out by the line manager

6. Ensure the requirements and quality of the installed works are in line with the specification, drawings and standards, ensure the clients requirements and specification are being met.

7. Ensure daily, weekly and monthly workload commitments are achieved within set timescales

8. Monitor the progress of the works and issuing frequent reports to the Project Manager or client as required (including photos of all stages)

9. Directing installation team (Site supervisor, sub-contract and suppliers)


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