Highly Qualified Security Chauffeur Required

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A vacancy is available for a proper, highly qualified chauffeur or driving instructor to work alongside our private sector security team in London. The applicant must have proven experience of at least 5 years chauffeuring/Driving different sized vehicles.
** Please note; we will not accept applications from a person who can “do a driving job.” As you know, a lot of people can drive but we are looking for a top professional, skilled driver/chauffeur – not a racing driver or delivery driver. This job is only for a HIGHLY PROFESSIONAL AND QUALIFIED SECURITY CHAUFFEUR. **
- Fit and physically strong
- Excellent eye-sight and health condition
- Military background preferably
- Preferably minimum height of 190cm
- Stable and steady character with good background
- Mechanical knowledge
- Willing to work for a minimum of one year
- Willing to take full care of a vehicle, including washing/cleaning inside/outside as instructed
- Must be able to speak at least basic English
Please send your applications to Eric at , or alternatively call 00447551237437.
Only selected candidates will be contacted for an immediate interview.


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