Penthouse apartment 188 sq. (Bulgaria, Varna)

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Penthouse apartment 188 sq. (Bulgaria, Varna)
Trigor City apartment complex is located 4 km south of the Golden Sands resort and 7 km northeast of the city of Varna. Penthouse apartment in the complex offer wonderful view of the sea. It is less than 850 metres from Cabacum Beach. The complex consists of 5 blocks with a separate entrance.
Trigor City is situated in a quiet and peaceful exurb, far from the noise of the main thoroughfares.
The penthouse occupies a separate floor, Block B (7 of 7). It is possible to divide into 2 apartments: 79 sq.m. and 109 sq.m.
Condition: after construction (major repairs are required).
Possible bargaining.


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