Apartment in Spain

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75000.00 €


Attention. Investment offers of apartments for sale in Spain.
Flat for sale in Spain on the Mediterranean coast and close to the famous salt lakes throughout Europe.
The apartment is located in 100metrov from the sandy beach and the main street ABANERAS. The city has a water park for your vacation, zoo, 3 stadiums for football, three clinics, a theater and many parks.
The apartment has three bedrooms, a balcony and an enclosed swimming pool. It is renovated. Builders have changed everything. Also, new furniture, appliances, plumbing. The apartment is 60 square meters at a price of 75,000 euros. The successful design solution apartment makes it attractive not only for your family stay, but also for putting it out. Renting You can additionally make a profit. Also, real estate in Spain is already expensive, and invested in its purchase money get a double benefit - 1. Profit from rent -2. Profiting from rising property prices. Our company always can offer you options that will be most profitable to invest in Spanish property. Also you can buy such an apartment on credit at 3% per annum in the Spanish bank. Buying an apartment you are eligible to receive annual Schengen visa and then a residence permit in Spain, True attractive offers,
Please contact us and we will be happy to turn your sword - ,,, Buying property in Spain ,,,, reality.


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