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We are a strong IT team.
We help the business of our customers grow faster, receive our customers on the first day, and we do this with the help of our extensive experience and the quality of our services.

We do:

♦ Web sites, design for the sites themselves, also design for mobile applications and other applications;

♦ Turnkey sites from design to installation to the north under the desired management system (Web development);

♦ We work with any other graphics: we create logos, design for brochures, branding, social design. networks, business cards, book covers, etc.

♦ Illustrations, vector, and raster, also drawings for textiles and t-shirts;

♦ Promotion, Target, Advertising;

♦ 3D models, with animation, visualization of architecture layout, etc.;

♦ Translations from different languages ​​into: Latvian, Lithuanian, Russian, English, Finnish, Estonian, Latgalian, German, Polish.

♦ It is possible to train to work with graphic editors and video processing, etc.

Write, we will be happy to help you and ask, do not be shy.

Prices from 15 euros.


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UI/UX: Web & Graphic Designer / Web Coder / Video Editor