Make-up Artist School in Moscow.

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"The Profession of a "Make-up Artist" can be attributed to one the most interesting. With the advent of cinema has become popular and Make-up. The most incredible ideas the Director embodies together with Make-up Artist, often uses the same popularity as thet of the Creat movie Stars: Max Factor, J. Kalyone, G. Kennom. Some of the film's award-winning "Best Make-up". To be a Make-up Artist, You need to be selfless man, willing to plunge into the world of the fictional characters and "revive" them for Viewer. Our policy of "Make-up Artist" includes:
*The basics of cosmetology & dermatology;
*Septic & hvaiene;
*Training in make-up of Teatre & Cinema;
*History of Art
and other topics nedeed by the Make-up Artist.
"Beauty School M.ART":
+7(926)627-98-59, +7(926)596-23-26,


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Make-up School "M.ART"
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