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Оur company sells the hotrolled rebar steel
according to the international and national standards:
DSTU 3760:2006 (Ukraine),
GOST 5781-82 (international standard),
GOST 10884-94 (international standard),
STO ASChM 7-93 (Russian Federation),
GOST R 52544-2006 (Russian Federation),
STB 1704-2006, 1704-2012 (Belarus),
TU U 27.1-23365425-652:2010,
DIN 488-1:1984 (Germany),
DIN 488-2:2009 (Germany),
BS 4449:1997 (Great Britain),
BS 4449:2005 (Great Britain),
ASTM A615 (USA),
ASTM A706 (USA),
STAS 438/1 (Romania),
SI 4466 (Israel),
NT 26.05 (Tunisia),
CAN/CSA-G30.18-M92 (Canada),
ISO 6935 2:2007 (international standard),
ES 262-2/2009 ISO: 6935-2/2007 (Еgypt)
ES ISO 6935-2:2011 (Ethiopia)
BDS 9252:2007 (Bulgaria)
NTC 2289-2015 (Colombia)
NF A 35-080-1 (France)
IS 1786 2008 (India)
SR 438-1: 2012 (Romania)
D.M.14 / 01/2008 (Italy)
SASO 2/1992 (Saudi Arabia)
Bundle and coil sizes.
Reinforcing steel bars in bundles are manufactured in 6
to 12 m length and with maximum deviation of -0/+100
mm for standard bar length.
Steel rebar of other length (up to 14 m) can be
manufactured upon agreement with the customer. The
bundle weight is up to 5 t.
Steel rebar in coils is produced with the weight up to 600
kg and 1100 - 2100 kg.
The products are bound with wire rod of 5.5 to 7.0 mm.
The products are marked with a label containing the
following data:
- name and trade mark of the manufacturer;
- name of the customer;
- contract/specification number;
- country of cargo destination;
- dimension of the supplied steel products
(diameter, size, length);
- steel grade or strength grade;
- heat number;
- batch number;
- weight.
Note 1. Content of marking may be changed as per
agreement between the customer and manufacturer.
Note 2. Upon agreement with the customer, the company
can offer bent rebar, awailable in 8 to 20mm.
Deformed reinforcing steel can be marked with
identification to state the manufacturing company,
strength grade etc.


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