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Привет! My name is Julia. I`m a qualified and experienced Russian language tutor (native speaker) from St. Petersburg.
I can say with the proud that I am a teacher in third generation. For example, my mother has been teaching Russian for 25 years so far. I have 2 diplomas in Russian Philology (at Voronezh and St. Petersburg State University). I have an extensive experience in teaching people of different ages from various backgrounds. I also speak English and French, so it helps me at work when i am explaining new words or grammar material, especially it is very useful for beginners.
​​I am very happy to share with you my teaching experience and knowledge of Russian language, I will help you to easily acquire necessary grammar rules so that your Russian would be modern and natural. Other information about lessons you can find on my website
The first trial lesson (30 minutes) is for free. Don't hesitate to contact me!


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