i-coffee digital self-service kiosk

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i-coffee digital self-service kiosk

as for the product – we're proud to point out some of its advantages:
1. Self-developed IT solution in the heart of the kiosk ensures maximum flexibility and efficiency in operations, including smart telemetry system.
2. Our 100% Arabica Coffee is of outstanding quality;  
3. High-standard equipment: coffee machines from Italy and Germany ensure flawless operations;
4. Various kinds of drinks so that everyone is able to choose a suitable one for him;
5. Only eco-friendly materials as we care about the environment;
6. Loyalty program for our customers;
7. Flexible methods of payment: cards, Apple Pay, G Pay and use of reward bonuses;
8. Built-in marketing tool. The kiosk can attract new customers from online.
9. Several types of kiosks – just coffee, coffee+food, coffee + minimarket.
It is also worth mentioning that according to our latest research, 94% of visitors in malls and business сentres where we have our digital cafés are thankful for having it there. Hereto I attach the web page link and the slide deck so you are able to get acquainted with our offer in a more detailed way.

The link:

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