Стариный книга полавино 17 века рукапис

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Свишеный антикварный книга каран 1293 года аригенал рука пис облошки и бумага были готовлены из шкуры газеля
Книги получили лисензию из музея художественых искуств Азербаджана
Единственый екзенпляр продаюётса
За 150000 ££
Книги находитса в Азербаджане городе Баку
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Ad's details Old karan 17th century hend pis in 1293 year evry Books old seal oregenal The Quran of the 1 7th century was not written by hand The book was made of gazelle skin. It was licensed by the Art Museum of Azerbaijan My family needs money This is why I sell a heirloom
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+994709088380 watsap
For those who love the value of antiquity, the only copy of the Qur'an, which belongs to our month, is for sale.ived the opinion of the highest experts of AzerbaijanPearl of the Caucasus of Azerbaijan 18 captives handwritten single copy written in Tabriz Book sheets and volumes made of gazelle skin received technical passport from Azerbaijan Museum of Fine Arts received the opinion of the highest experts of AzerbaijanOn the back of the books are written ancient seals and dates. 1293 years of books together make a QuranSince the history of Azerbaijan does not value antiquity, I appeal to other countries. The books are original. The cost of books is measured in millions, but I want to sell 250,000.
he books were in Baku, Azerbaijan


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