Farm job in England

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English farm requires employees for work in the new season of 2018:
1. Personnel manager.
Responsibilities: organization of the work of staff and its uninterrupted work. Requirements - experience in this position, knowledge of the English language level professional.
2. Drivers.
3. Handymen for seeding, collecting, packaging products. Invited are men, women, couples. Requirements: vigor, initiative, stress resistance. Accommodation is provided - caravans in which - 3-4 rooms, kitchen, shower room. Caravans are heated. Payment for accommodation is 42 pounds per week. Salary 7.5 pounds per hour. Working hours are 40-50 hours per week. Working Saturdays. The farm has been cultivating raspberries, strawberries and asparagus for more than 30 years. Strawberries and raspberries mainly grow on suspended beds under plastic tunnels. Not far from the farm there are 3 large supermarkets, many other shops, post office, bank, sports hall, auto and railway stations. The farm is located in a convenient location, from where you can make trips for shopping and visit other attractions of the neighborhood. Vacancy is free. For EU citizens. The management of the farm also considers cooperation with citizens of Ukraine on a working with English visa.


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