Сингл и Дабл комнаты в аренду!

Аренда комнат Double London, GB 4 месяц. назад
140.00 £


Single and Double rooms available in Sudbury Hill / Greenford / Neasden / Kingsbury areas. All rooms are close to shops and public transport. All Bills included in the price, house cleaning and internet is also included in the price. Call for more information please. Prices, £80 per week, £95 per week, £110 per week and £140 per week. 07869112487 Сингл и Дабл комнаты в аренду на Neasden / Sudbury Hill / Greenford / Kingsbury . £80/£95/£110/£140 в неделю. Рядом метро, автобусы и магазины. Все счета включены, уборка дома и интернет. 07869112487


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