Stone-processing factory "Danila-Master" is looking for a partner in the UK!

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Dear colleagues! Stone-processing factory "Danila-Master", offer you the best types of natural stones! In our assortment there is such a stone as: Karelian granite, Mansurovsky granite, Dymovsky granite and granite of Kashin Gora rock. Our long experience in the retail and wholesale of natural stones allows us to supply you with the best quality stone and at the best wholesale and retail price. We have our own production with an area of 7100m2, more than 55 stone retail offices throughout Russia. We can offer you a unique collection of tombstones, stone decoration by the artist and engraving machine, delivery and the best quality stone. We will be glad to cooperate, with respect, the company "Danila-Master". Contacts: Phone number: +442038076263 E-mail:


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