Крупная-оптовая продажа сигарет из США

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Американская Табачная фабрика "Virginia Classic USA", продаёт новый бренд "Virginia classic-Red and Gold" king size сигареты с фильтром по фабричным ценам -$0.95 за пачку, на условиях франко-отправления, минимальный заказ - 1000 коробов-50.000 блоков


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Virginia classic USA
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Tobacco company Virginia classic USA, represents to entire tobacco world a new American brand of premium cigarette Virginia classic - Red & Gold(light)Green(mentol),this is really a quality product and at factory prices - $5.00 per carton. Our company works all over the world and with all the companies that import tobacco products, as well as with Duty free too. For cooperation and more information, please contact: Ms Tatiana Rodina Sales manager Virginia classic USA vclassi...