Original Rhubarb 'n' Custard by Leprechaun Liquids

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Fruity Rhubarb combined with swirls of creamy warm Custard UK manufacturer. It features the awesome taste of Fruity Rhubarb mixed with swirls of creamy warm Custard.

The ingredients are:

Vegetable Glycerin (70%)

Propylene Glycol (30%)



You will get free Nicotine shots with the e-liquids.

All the bottles are nicotine free in the package.

If you buy a 30 ml bottle at 0 nicotine you will get a 20ml short-fill bottle and a 10ml bottle of 0mg nicotine.

You must add the 0 ml nicotine shot in order to dilute the flavour and for it to taste correctly.

If you buy a 60 ml bottle at 0 nicotine you will get a 40ml short-fill bottle and a 20ml bottle of 0mg nicotine.

If you buy a 120 ml bottle at 0 nicotine you will get a 80ml short-fill bottle and a 40ml bottle of 0mg nicotine.

All the e-liquid bottles come with some vacant space in them, so if you take 3mg or 6mg nicotine shot, you will add it to your e-liquid and will get the final result.


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